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Nostalgia,Collectibles & Reproduction Pine Furniture


5683 BANK ST, HWY 31.



Delivery service available by professional movers in Ottawa and surrounding area.

Solid Pine Extra Large Kitchen Island

SOLID PINE EXTRA LARGE KITCHEN ISLAND. This island has 3 large raised panels across front. 3 large drawers, 3 raised panels across the back. Removable center shelf inside. Raised panels on both ends. This very impressive kitchen island measures 66" in length X 29" in width with an impressive 1 1/4" thick top. It has a 9" overhang on front to allow for bar stools. It is constructed from 1" thick solid Canadian white pine. A beautiful piece of furniture. The bar stool pictured below is available for $259.00 each.


Large Size Solid Pine Kitchen Island

LARGE SIZE SOLID PINE 3 DOOR, 3 DRAWER KITCHEN ISLAND. Raised panels all sides and back. Thick 1 1/2" reclaimed barn beam top. Measures 60" in length X 30" in width X 36" in height. 100% made in |Canada.

PRICE:$1495.00 (KIHX)

Our large size kitchen island in another happy customers home.

Solid Pine Kitchen Island

KITCHEN ISLAND. Measures 48" in length X 30" in width X 36 1/2" in height. Beautiful island has 2 drawers over 2 doors on back with raised panels on front and sides. Nice thick 1 1/2" top with an overhang leaving room to place benches.

PRICE:$1350.00 (KOUE)

Solid Pine Post Leg Kitchen Island

SOLID PINE POST LEG KITCHEN ISLAND. Measures 5' in length X 36 1/2" in height X 30" in width. with a 1 3/8" solid pine top. Three long drawers for storage. Great for extra counter space. Very solid made in Canada.


Pine Stepback Cupboard

LARGE SOLID PINE TWO PIECE 3 DOOR, 3 DRAWER CUPBOARD. Made from 1" thick solid Canadian white pine. No secondary woods, no press-board, no plywood. Only 100% solid Canadian white pine used in all our products. This model is offered with a beautiful crown molding around top and also comes with pie shelf in center. Measures 7' in height X 5' in width X 16 1/2" in depth. Doors each have 6 panes of glass. Fabulous cupboard. Made in Canada.


Solid Pine Open Dish Cupboard

SOLID PINE 2 PIECE OPEN DISH CUPBOARD. Measures 6' in height X 60" in width X 14 3/4" in depth. Three raised panel doors across front. Three open shelves. Super impressive cupboard you can use in any room of the house.

PRICE:$1495.00 (KOEN)

Solid Pine 2 Door Raised Panel Cupboard

SOLID PINE 2 DOOR RAISED PANEL CUPBOARD. Made from 1" thick solid Canadian white pine. Lots of shelves. Great for extra kitchen storage space. Measures 6' in height X 44" in width with a 14 1/2" depth. Made in Canada.

PRICE:$1295.00       (KOHX)

Solid Pine 4 Door Raised Panel Sideboard

SOLID PINE 4 DOOR RAISED PANEL SIDEBOARD. Designed with one long drawer over 2 small doors flanked by larger doors at each end. Measures 78" in length X 36 1/2" in height with a 14 1/2" depth. Extra thick 1 1/2" top. Ideal for T.V room, living room or hallway. Very impressive piece. Made in Canada.

PRICE:$1595.00      (KOEN)

Solid Pine Vanity

SOLID PINE VANITY. Measures 48" in length X 34" in height X 22" in width. Vanity has 3 large storage drawers on left. Raised panel doors on right that open to reveal a solid pine shelf that is removable to access plumbing. Beautiful cabinet.

PRICE:$1295.00      (KYH-KCH)

Solid Pine Sideboard with Glass Doors

Our glass front sideboard in another happy customers home.

SOLID PINE 4 DOOR LARGE SIZE SIDEBOARD. This footed base sideboard has four panes of glass in each door.Measures 78" in length X 15" in depth X 36: in height. Also available with wrap around base. Made from 100% Canadian pine. No secondary woods, no particle board, no plywood. No assembly required. Barn beam top. Beautiful piece of furniture. Made in Canada. 

PRICE:$1595.00       (KIEN)

Solid Pine Bookcase or T.V. Stand

SOLID PINE BOOKCASE OR T.V STAND. Made from 100% solid Canadian white pine. This unit with 3 shelves measures 36" in width X 36" in height X 14 1/2" in depth. Made in Canada.

PRICE:$495.00   (KURE)

Solid Pine 4 Door 4 Drawer Raised Panel Sideboard

SOLID PINE 4 DOOR 4 DRAWER RAISED PANEL SIDEBOARD OR T.V STAND. Measures 78" in length X 36 1/2" in height X 14 1/2" in depth. Body made from 1" thick solid pine. Fabulous 1 1/4" thick top. Lots of storage space. Perfect for T.V room, living room, dining room or entrance. Constructed of 100% solid white pine . Made in Canada.


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