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Nostalgia,Collectibles & Reproduction Pine Furniture


5683 BANK ST, HWY 31.



Monarch Debutante Full Fashioned Hosiery Reverse Glass Light Up Sign


POINT OF SALE ADVERTISING SIGN. Measures 15 1/2" in length X 9" in height with a 5 1/4" depth. Mirrored reverse glass sign is contained in a wood frame that has a tin housing on back which contains a light bulb. Working perfectly. We are including a postcard Circa 1900 of Monarch Knitting Mills, Dunnville, ON. also factories at St. Catherines, St. Thomas ON and Buffalo N.Y. (Post card damaged). Neat piece. Excellent condition.

PRICE:$325.00     (KAHX)

Valvoline Huile A Moteur (Motor Oil) Advertising Clock

VALVOLINE HUILE A MOTEUR (MOTOR OIL) ADVERTISING CLOCK. Circa 1960's. This clock is in excellent working condition and keeps perfect time. Measures 15" X 15". Great example of this automotive related clock.

PRICE:$450.00 (KBHX)

Genuine Ford Parts Neon Sign

GENUINE FORD PARTS NEON SIGN. Sign is aluminum and measures 16" in diameter. This is an officially licensed product by Ford Motor Co. Comes in original wood shipping crate. Excellent working condition.


Poker 5 Color Neon Sign

POKER 5 COLOR NEON SIGN. Green,red,yellow,white and blue. Shows playing cards,poker chips and round poker table. Measures 21" in length X 24" in width. Excellent condition.

PRICE:$650.00        (KACE)

Budweiser Neon Sign With Motorcycle

BUDWEISER BEER NEON SIGN WITH MOTORCYCLE. Measures 30" in length X 17" in height. Two color. Excellent working condition.

Sold (KUYN)

Molson Golden Maple Leaf Neon Sign

MOLSON GOLDEN MAPLE LEAF LARGE 3 COLOR NEON. Blue,red and yellow. Measures 28" in length X 28" in width. Beautiful sign, beautiful colors.

Sold  (KAEE)

Coors Lite Neon Beer Sign

COORS LIGHT NEON BEER SIGN. Measures 33" in length X 14" in height. Has mountain background. Excellent working condition. Two color.

PRICE:$325.00 (KAON)

Miller Lite Blue Bottle Neon Sign

MILLER LITE BOTTLE BLUE NEON SIGN. Measures 40" in length X 13" in width. Excellent working condition. Miller Lite, Great Taste. Less Filling.

PRICE:$395.00 (KUEN)

Red Dog Neon Beer Sign

RED DOG NEON BEER SIGN. Nice image of bulldog face. Measures 34" in length X 12" in height. Excellent condition.

PRICE:$375.00 (KUBE)


MICHELOB NEON BEER SIGN. Red neon. Measures 29" in length X 8" in width with a 6" depth. Works perfectly.

PRICE:$300.00      (KAEN)

Tecate Neon Beer Sign

TECATE BOTTLE SHAPED NEON BEER SIGN. Red Neon. Plastic bottle and frame. Tecate is known as the national beer of Mexico. Measures 29" in height X 10" in width with a 6" depth. Working perfectly.

PRICE:$275.00     (KAEN)

Coors Light Up Bottle Cap Beer Sign

COORS LIGHT MOLDED PLASTIC BOTTLE CAP LIGHT UP BEER SIGN. Measures14" round with a 4" depth. Excellent working condition.

PRICE:$149.00   (KEE)

Labatt's Blue Light Up Beer Sign

LABATT'S BLUE HOT AIR BALLOON PLASTIC LIGHT UP BEER SIGN. Measures 21" in length X 19" in width with a 4" depth. Excellent working condition.

PRICE:$195.00     (KAUE)

Miller Beer Light Up Sign

MILLER MADE THE AMERICAN WAY IN NEW YORK PLASTIC LIGHT UP BEER SIGN. Measures 20" in length X 15" in width with a 5" depth. Excellent working condition.

PRICE:$185.00    (KAH)

Coors Reverse Glass Light Up Beer Sign

COORS WOOD FRAME, SMOKED MIRROR, RREVERSE GLASS LIGHT UP BEER SIGN. "Brewed with Pure Rocky Mountain Spring Water". Mirrored front has a smoky glass to it. Measures 25" in length X20" in width with a 3" depth. Excellent condition.

Sold       (KAHX)

Meister Brau  Light Up Sign

MEISTER BRAU PLASTIC LIGHT UP BEER SIGN. "From Master Brewers a Master Beer". Measures 20" in length X 12" in width with a 3" depth. Excellent condition and works perfectly.

PRICE:$125.00      (KCE)

New York Lottery Games Neon Flashing Sign

NEW YORK LOTTERY GAMES FLASHING SIGN. Blue neon. Black plastic backboard missing pieces at bottom left and bottom right corners. This does not affect the sign working. Works perfectly. 3 stage flash cycle. Measures 23" length X 23" in width. with a 6" depth.

PRICE:$275.00      (KAEN)

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