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Nostalgia,Collectibles & Reproduction Pine Furniture


5683 BANK ST, HWY 31.

OTTAWA, ONTARIO  K4P 1C3   613-821-3887

Gilbert & Barker Model 996 A Gas Pump

GILBERT & BARKER MFG. CO. TORONTO MODEL 996 A CALCO-METER GASOLING PUMP. Has original B-A 88 Gasoline sight glass on one side.  Other sight glass not there. Measures 59" in height. Has hose & nozzle. Old restoration. Guts removed making it so easy to handle. A few dents, nothing serious. Very solid pump.

PRICE:$2300.00    (KAREN)

Red Indian Aviation Motor Oil Can

RED INDIAN AVIATION MOTOR OIL 1 IMP. QT. CAN. Top opened, top missing. Measures 6 1/2" in height with a 4" diameter. Some paint loss on red head dress on front and one of  the logos on the back. Strong colors, no dents, minor wear. Decent can.

sold     (KAOE)

Peerless Motor Oil Tin

PEERLESS MOTOR OIL B/A PREMIUM MOTOR OIL 1 QUART TIN. Measures 6 1/2" in height with a 4" diameter. Top opened. Minor dents, strong bright colors. Nice can.

PRICE:$60.00      (KBN)

Trico Winter Blades Metal Advertising Thermometer

TRICO WINTER BLADES METAL ADVERTISING THERMOMETER. C. 1960. Measures 36" in length X 8" in width."For Safe Winter Driving Use Trico Winter Blades". Neat graphics of an automobile, cans of their Trico anti-freeze solvent,Trico windshield de-icer and a wiper blade. Condition is super. This thermometer is very hard to find and there is so little wear, it had to of been used indoors. Only minor paint scrapes, one at top mounting hole and a bit on outside extreme edges. Guaranteed 100% original. Made in U.S.A. Would be hard to find a better one.

Sold    (KECE)

1948 Wayne Gasoline Pump

WAYNE MODEL 100B SERIAL #11602 1948 GASOLINE PUMP. Measures 54" in height. Was a Cities Service pump and still has both Cities Service AD glass. Comes with 2 hoses. Body is in excellent condition. Guts have been removed to make it lighter. Original green Cities Service paint. You can display this one as is..it's that nice. Made by the Wayne Pump Company Toronto.

PRICE:$2750.00     (KUTX)

B-A Bowtie Heavy Steel & Porcelain Advertising Sign

1930's B-A SERVICE PRODUCTS BOWTIE HEAVY STEEL & PORCELAIN SIGN. Measures 5' in length X 3' in height. One chip on the face of the sign near the "B" and some chips on outside edges where the mounting holes are. Colors are strong and bright. Beautiful sign.

PRICE:$2500.00      (KACEN)

Fina Tin Die-Cut Tire Insert

FINA TIN DIE CUT TIRE INSERT SIGN PROMOTING "CANADIAN PETROFINA CREDIT CARDS". Measures 28 3/4" in length X 17 1/2" in width. Stamped S.T.M.S.-64. Budget your tires with Canadian Petrofina. Some scratches, wear and minor dents. Strong colors. Neat Fina piece.

PRICE:$225.00     (KAH)

Dunlop Tires Tin Embossed Advertising Sign

DUNLOP TIRES TIN EMBOSSED SIGN. Measures 59" in length X 14" in width. "STMS 66" printed on bottom edge. Sign shows well but does have minor nicks,scratches and overall wear. Good strong bright colors.

PRICE:$850.00    (KRHX)

Service Station Masonite Sign

SERVICE STATION LARGE MASONITE SIGN.  Circa 1960's. Measures 44" in height X 32" in width.These signs hung out in front of service stations letting you know which types of credit cards were accepted at that station. Minor nicks on two corners but very decent overall condition. HUSKY,SINCLAIR,IRVING and more.

PRICE:$325.00      (KAYN)

Road Aid Ontario Automobile Association Official Station Tin Flanged Sign

ROAD AID OFFICIAL STATION ONTARIO AUTOMOBILE ASSOCIATION TIN FLANGED SIGN. Made by St. Thomas Metal Signs. Measures 18" in length X 12" in width. Rust on both sides of this hard to find sign. This is the first one we've seen or owned.

Sold     (KBHX)

B.P. 1971 Zippo Lighter Mint in Box

B.P. (BRITISH PETROLEUM) 1971 ZIPPO LIGHTER MINT IN ORIGINAL BOX. Lighter has never been used. It is marked BP, R.D.C Canada with a racing flag on the front. On the back it has "MOTOR RACING SERVICE 1961-1971" Bottom is stamped Zippo Mfg. Co. Canada Ltd , Niagara Falls, Ontario. Comes with original box and guarantee. Great cross collectible in mint condition.

PRICE:$175.00     (KAHX)

Golden Flo Motor Oil Can

GOLDEN FLO MOTOR OIL 1 GALLON CAN. "PURE AS GOLD". From Handy Andy Company Montreal, Toronto. Top opened & top missing. Measures 8" in height with a 7" diameter.

sold    (KRNX)

Standard Hand Separator Oil Very Early Soldered Tin

STANDARD HAND SEPARATOR OIL VERY EARLY SOLDERED TIN FROM THE IMPERIAL OIL COMPANY LIMITED. Circa 1910. Made in Canada. Tin measures 5 1/2" in height X 4" in width X 4" in depth. Tin was made by MacDonald Mfg. Co. Limited Toronto. Very early Imperial Oil Company logo. Pictures a very early cream separator. Possibly had a spout on the tin cap. A bit rough but extremely hard to find tin.

PRICE:$695.00       (KEHX)

Rema Tip Top Vulcanising Products Tin Box

REMA TIP TOP VULCANISING PRODUCTS TIN BOX. C. 1950's. Measures 11 1/2" in length X 9 3/8" in width X 3 1/4" in depth. Held rubber patches. Tin has some scratches and minor dents but displays great.

Sold     (KAUE)

Bear Wheel & Steering Service Large Steel Advertising Sign

BEAR WHEEL & STEERING SERVICE LARGE STEEL SIGN. Measures 40" in length X 30" in width. Strong bright colors with  light overall wear. Displays great with a wonderful bear image.

PRICE:$995.00     (KEHX)

BP (British Petroleum) Rectangular Aluminum Advertising Sign

BP (BRITISH PETROLEUM) RECTANGULAR ALUMINUM ADVERTISING SIGN. Measures 36" in length X 24" in width with a 1 1/4" flanged edge all around. Sign is date stamped 

WSI 06 73. Excellent condition with very minimal signs of wear.

PRICE:$325.00      (KAEN)

Monroe Shock Absorbers Thermometer

MONROE SHOCK ABSORBERS TIN EMBOSSED ADVERTISING THERMOMETER. Circa 1960's. Measures 26 1/2" in length X 7 1/4" in width. Has working tube. A few scratches on face and wear along top & bottom edges. Still displays great.

PRICE:$375.00    (KUHX)

Bennett Model 2056 Gasoline Pump

BENNETT MODEL 2056 GASOLINE PUMP. Has inspection date of 10-1-62 stamped on it. Pump is in excellent condition. Measures 54" in height X 25" in width with a 20" depth. Is currently done in BP colors but can easily be changed into a White Rose or Shell pump. Great size for a man cave.

PRICE:$1495.00     (KCHX)

Spur Supreme Motor Oil Quart Can

SPUR SUPREME MOTOR OIL FULL 1 QUART CAN. From Spur Oil Limited Montreal & Oshawa. Measures 6 1/2" in height with a 4" diameter. Never opened. Dent on top. Minor wear. Beautiful can.

PRICE:$195.00    (KAH)

White Rose Heavy Duty Dursol Motor Oil Cardboard Container

WHITE ROSE HEAVY DUTY DURSOL MOTOR OIL 1 IMPERIAL QUART CARDBOARD CONTAINER. Tin top and bottom. Measures 6 1/2" in height with a 4" diameter. Canadian oil Company Division of Shell Canada Limited. Tin is empty. Does not show signs of being opened at top or bottom. Silver,red & white. Decent overall condition.

sold  (KAH)

White Rose Tune Cylinder Lubricant Can

WHITE ROSE TUNE 4 OZ.LUBRICANT CAN. Measures 2 3/4" in height with a 2" diameter. From Canadian Oil Companies Limited. Top opened. Minor dents and some rust spots. Scarce White Rose can.

PRICE:$60.00        (KUN)

Yamaha Motorcyle

YAMAHA MOTORCYCLE. Manufactured by the Yamaha Motor Co. Limited 2/81. This bike was rescued on the way to a scrap yard when we bought it and is being sold purely as a decorative machine with no warranty or guarantees. No papers. Would look great in a restaurant.



DE-ICER 4 OZ TINS. Made by J.A. Tumbler Laboratories Ltd. Baltimore Maryland & Toronto ON. Tins have never been opened. Some are full, some are empty. Measures 2 3/4" in height with a 2" diameter. Old stock never sold.

PRICE:$18.00 each

Imperial 3 Star Products Grease Can

IMPERIAL 3 STAR PRODUCTS 5 LBS NET GREASE CAN. Approx. 1/2 full. Tin is circa 1930's. Measures 6 1/4" in height with a 6 1/4" diameter. Made in Canada, Imperial oil Limited. Top is dented in. Sides show light scratching and wear.

PRICE:$95.00      (KEX)

Cities Service Trojan Lubricant 25 lbs. Pail

CITIES SERVICE TROJAN LUBRICANT 25 LBS. PAIL. Circa 1930's. Pail measures 13" in height with a 9 1/4" diameter. "If it's cities service it has to be good". Tin has original slip over lid. It has light general overall wear but is in real nice condition.

PRICE:$225.00     (KAH)

Bardahl Motorcycle Oil Can

BARDAHL MOTORCYCLE OIL 1 LITRE CAN. Full can measures 5 3/4" in height with a 4" diameter. Face of the can is perfect. Backside has minor dents. Otherwise mint condition. Bardahl Lubricants (Canada) Limited, Pointe Claire Quebec.

PRICE:$48.00     (KY)

Motorcade Motor Oil Gallon Can

MOTORCADE MOTOR OIL 1 IMPERIAL GALLON CAN. From Motorcade Stores Limited Toronto Canada. Measures 11 1/2" in height X 6 1/2" in width with a 4" depth. Tin displays well but does have overall wear. Not a brand we see very often.

sold        (KEN)

Remington Tires Steel Embossed Advertising Sign

REMINGTON TIRES STEEL EMBOSSED TIRE SIGN. Measures 5' in length X 14" in width. Lettering and outside border are all embossed. Sign made in U.S.A. A.M. INC. Lynchburg VA. 5-83. Some creases and wear but still displays nicely.

PRICE:$550.00      (KUCN)

Trojan Motor Oil 5 Quart Tin

TROJAN MOTOR OIL 5 U.S QUART TIN. From Cities Service Oils. Can has been top opened. Measures 9 1/2" in height with a 6 1/2" diameter. "IF IT'S CITIES SERVICE-IT HAS TO BE GOOD" Tin is circa 1930's. Decent overall condition with minor scratches. Neat Cities Service tin.

PRICE:$195.00        (KEN)

Golden Eagle Hydraulic Brake Fluid Can

GOLDEN EAGLE HYDRAULIC BRAKE FLUID 128 FL. OZS. CAN. From Golden Eagle Products Co. Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A. Tin measures 10 1/2" in height (including handle) X 6 1/2" in width X 4" in depth. Tin is in real nice overall condition with light surface rust on one side and a bit of paint on other side. Nothing serious. Beautiful can.

PRICE:$150.00    (KCE)

Quaker Maid Heavy Duty Motor Oil Can

QUAKER MAID HEAVY DUTY MOTOR OIL CAN. 2 U.S. Gallons size.Measures 11 1/2" in height to top of handle. X 8 1/2" in width X 5 1/2" in depth. Nice image of Quaker Maid. From Quaker Oil Corporation St. Louis MO. Minor dents and wear as per photos. Displays great.

PRICE:$95.00     (KEN) 

Kelly Springfield Tires Painted Steel Advertising Sign

KELLY SPRINGFIELD TIRES PAINTED STEEL ADVERTISING SIGN. C. 1950's. Measures 33" in width X 36" in length. Some light scratches and wear.


Ace Gas Line Anti-Freeze 4 Oz. Tins

ACE GAS LINE ANTI-FREEZE 4 OZ. TINS. Measures 3" in height with a 2" diameter. Tins have never been opened and contents have evaporated in some of them. Manufactured by Kleen Flo Corp.

PRICE:$18.00 each    (KB)

Arctic Cat Spirit Injection Oil Quart Tin

ARCTIC CAT SPIRIT INJECTION OIL QUART TIN. One U.S. quart full tin. Measures 5 1/2" in height with a 4" diameter. Manufactured for Arctic Enterprises In.c Thief River Falls, Minnesota, Arctic Sports Products Ltd. Winnipeg & Montreal.Near mint condition.

PRICE:$45.00   (KAN)

OMC Stern Drive 1 Quart Motor Oil Can

OMC STERN DRIVE PREMIUM 4 CYCLE MOTOR OIL 1 QUART CAN. Made for outboard marine corporation of Canada Ltd. Peterborough Ont. Dent on top edge faded on 1 side and top opened. Measures 6 1/2" in height with a 4" diameter. Blended and packaged by Burmah-Castrol Canada Limited.

PRICE:$65.00    ((KAN)

Citadel Anti-Gel Anti-Freeze Gallon Can

CITADEL ANTI-GEL ANTI-FREEZE 1 IMPERIAL GALLON CAN. From Champlain Oil Products Lt. Circa 1960's. Can has been top opened. Tin is fairly clean with no major damage. Measures 8" in height with a 7" diameter.

PRICE:$35.00         (KAFX)

Cities Service Screwdriver

CITIES SERVICE SMALL SCREWDRIVER. Circa 1930's. Handle is plastic or bakelite. This Cities Service piece was made in U.S.A. but used in Canada by Jack Scruton Cities Service station in Clinton, Ontario.


Veedol Outboard Motor Oil Quart Tin

VEEDOL OUTBOARD MOTOR OIL 1 IMPERIAL QUART TIN. Can is full. From Veedol Oil Company (Canada) Ltd. Montreal-Toronto-Winnipeg. Measures 6 1/2" in height with a 4" diameter. Minor scratches & dents. Real nice outboard motor oil tin.

PRICE:$175.00   (KAH)

Skelly Supreme Multi-Purpose Grease Can

SKELLY SUPREME MULTI-PURPOSE GREASE CAN. From Skelly Oil Company. Empty tin is a 10 pound size and measures 9" in height with a 7 1/4" diameter. It has a white recessed tin lid. I don't think lid is original but fits perfectly. Tin has neat graphics of oil derricks lithographed around bottom. Tin is in great overall condition with just minor nicks and scratches.

PRICE:$65.00   (KAN)

Cities Service "C" Series Motor Oil Quart Can

CITIES SERVICE "C" SERIES MOTOR OIL ONE IMPERIAL QUART CAN. Motor oil for Truck-Bus-Tractor. Tin is 20 W 20 grade oil. Tin is full and in very nice condition. There is a bit of paint loss of the white paint near top and bottom edges. A couple tiny dents. Nice Cities Service tin. Measures 6 1/2" in height with a 4" diameter.

PRICE:$125.00    (KRE)

Veedol HD Plus Quart Oil Can

VEEDOL HD PLUS 1 IMPERIAL QUART OIL CAN. S.A.E. 10W grade . Tin is full never opened. From The Getty Oil Company (Canada) Ltd. Montreal - Toronto - Winnipeg. Measures 6 1/2" in height with a 4" diameter. Can is excellent - near mint with very minor scratches or dents.

PRICE:$65.00         (KUN)

Laurentide Anti-Freeze 1 Gallon Can

LAURENTIDE ANTI-FREEZE 1 IMPERIAL GALLON CAN. From Laurentide Chemicals Incorporated Shawinigan-Sud, Richibucto,N.B., Toronto Ont., Montreal P.Q. Measures 8" in height with a 7" diameter. Top opened. This anti-freeze tin is in decent condition with some scratches and minor rust spots. Circa 1960's.

PRICE:$30.00      (KAXF)

Handy Andy Frost Guard Anti-Freeze 1 Gallon Can

HANDY ANDY FROST GUARD ANTI-FREEZE 1 IMPERIAL GALLON CAN. Circa 1960's. From Handy Andy Company Montreal. Top opened. Tin has rust on seam and a few scattered spots on tin. Measures 8" in height with a 7" diameter.

PRICE:$30.00      (KAX)

Canadian Tire Perma-Fill 1 Gallon Can

CANADIAN TIRE CORPORATION LTD.CANADA 1 IMPERIAL GALLON CAN. Dated 1970 on top.Perma-Fill Super Anti-Freeze & Summer Coolant. Measures 8" in height with a 7" diameter. Tin has one dent of note on top edge. Nice bright Colors.Displays great.Top opened.

PRICE:$30.00     (KAX)

One Imperial Quart Canadian Glass Oil Bottle

ONE IMPERIAL QUART CANADIAN GLASS OIL BOTTLE WITH ORIGINAL METAL SPOUT. Circa 1930's. Made by Dominion Glass Co. Bottles have been washed and are clean. No chips or cracks. We have pictured just 4 but have 5 available.

PRICE:$60.00 each       (KBNX)

Castrol Racing Motor Oil Can

CASTROL RACING MOTOR OIL CAN. R40 1 quart can , full, never opened. From Castrol Oils (Canada) Limited. Measures 6 1/2" in height with a 4" diameter. Some minor scratches and some dents. Scarce tin.

PRICE:$195.00        (KAHX)

Imperial Esso Products Ink Blotter

IMPERIAL ESSO PRODUCTS INK BLOTTER. Neat graphics. Circa 1950's."PROTECT YOUR EAVESTROUGHS - AND ROOFS - USE IMPERIAL ROOF PUTTY FLUX - EASY TO APPLY-SAVE MONEY". Measures 9" in length X 3 3/4" in width. Near mint condition.

PRICE$20.00         (KX)

Lot of Match Book Covers

Lot of 18 different automotive & truck match book covers. Canadian & American in various conditions.1940's-50's.

PRICE:$120.00 lot     (KUEX)

Lot of Match Book Covers​

Lot of 15 gasoline,oil,spark plugs & tire match book covers. 12 Canadian & 3 American. Various conditions. 1940's-50's

PRICE:$100.00 lot   (KUNX)

Lot of Match Book Covers

Lot of 15 gasoline,oil,tires & batteries match book covers.13 Canadian & 2 American. Various conditions. 1940-50's

PRICE$100.00 lot     (KUNX)

Pennzoil Safe Lubrication Chalkboard

PENNZOIL SAFE LUBRICATION CHALKBOARD. Measures 23 1/2" in length X 17 3/4" in width. Heavy raised embossed border all around. Made by A-M Sign Company Lynchburg VA 1965. Sign is in mint condition right out of the original shipping box. We are listing 2 chalk boards and if someone buys both chalk boards we will include the box. "Ask for Pennzoil Safe Lubrication America's Favorite Motor Oil" Sign is mint unused.

PRICE$350.00        KUHX)

Castrol Motor Oil Chek-Chart

WAKEFIELD CASTROL MOTOR OIL 1948 CHEK-CHART. Chek-charts were made for service stations and garages to show lubrication requirements for automobiles, trucks and tractors up to 1948. This chart was made in Canada by CHEK-CHART Corporation Limited, Port Hope Ont. Chart covers vehicles such as Hudson,Packard, Oldsmobile, De Sota, Cadillac, Ford and several more. Measures 36 1/2" in length X 24" in width. with original metal strip hanger on top. Very minor edge wear, stains and creases. Displays very well.

PRICE:$175.00    (KYNX)

Walker Mufflers Tin and Glass Advertising Thermometer

WALKER MUFFLERS TIN AND GLASS ROUND ADVERTISING THERMOMETER. C. 1960's-70's. Thermometer measures 12" in diameter and measures in Celsius. Made in U.S.A. Mint condition with original glass.

PRICE:$250.00   (KAUE)

Car-Skin Vinyl-Coat for Hardtops Tin Container

CAR-SKIN VINYL-COAT FOR HARDTOPS TIN CONTAINER.Circa 1960's with original contents.

Measures 6" in height X 4" in width X 1 3/4" in depth. Tin is unusual in that it is bilingual on back suggesting that it was made to appeal to the Canadian market as well as the U.S. market. It also lists its contents in both U.S and imperial measure. Nice image of a car. Tin is in excellent condition with very minor nicks,signs of wear. Beautiful can. Car is possibly a 65 Chrysler. Tin is from Car-Skin Products Corporation Flemington, N.J. Made in U.S.A.

PRICE:$85.00    (KAN)

Gas Boy Gas Pumps

GAS BOY GAS PUMPS. Used on farms & for fleet commercial vehicles.Have 4 in stock. Most have rust on skirts through the metal in some cases. Complete with hoses. Measures 44" in height. NO SHIPPING ON THESE.

Sale Pending   Only 2 remaining (KUEN)

Vintage License Plates

VINTAGE LICENSE PLATES FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD. Various conditions. Approx. Prices start at $8.00 & up.

EN-AR-CO Automoble Game

CANADIAN OIL COMPANIES LIMITED TORONTO ONTARIO EN-AR-CO AUTOMOBILE GAME. Copyright in Canada 1926 by Canadian Oil Companies Ltd. Toronto Ont. Paper board game measures 14 1/2" square (has tape on 1 seam on back). Game has 2 spinners and 6 game pieces. Real neat EN-AR-CO item. Very difficult to find complete.

PRICE:$150.00  (KYEX)

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