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Nostalgia,Collectibles & Reproduction Pine Furniture

              Aubrey's Antiques


5683 BANK ST, HWY 31.




Morris' Arcadia Smoking Mixture Tobacco Tin

MORRIS' ARCADIA SMOKING MIXTURE TOBACCO TIN. Measures 5" in length X3 1/2" in width X 1 1/2" in depth. From E.A. Morris Wholesale Tobacconist Vancouver B.C. Image of Mr. Morris on lid. Tin is in very nice condition with just minor wear. Tin made by MacDonald Mfg. Co. Limited Toronto.

sold    (KAH)

Empress Nutmeg Spice Tin

EMPRESS NUTMEG 1 1/2 OZ. SPICE TIN. Measures 3 1/4" in height X 2 1/2" in width X 7/8" in depth. From Empress Mfg. Co. Ltd. Vancouver B.C. Mint condition with great image of a 3 stacker ocean liner.

PRICE:$38.00      (KUE)

Empress Mace Spice Tin

EMPRESS MACE 1 OZ. SPICE TIN. measures 3 1/4" in height X 1 1/4" in depth. From Empress Mfg. Co. Ltd. Vancouver B.C. Near mint condition with nice image of a 2 stack, 3 sail ship.

PRICE:$38.00   (KUE)

Colorful Japanese Tea Tin

LARGE JAPANESE TEA TIN. C. 1910. Measures 12" in height X 10" in width and 8 1/4" in depth. Depicts a servant delivering a pot of tea in the garden. Colors are wonderful, blood red,blues,yellow, black with gold highlights. No advertising on it. Beautiful decorative tin. Minor scratches.

PRICE:$125.00     (KENX)

Large Perrins Candy Tin

LARGE PERRINS CANDY TIN. Measures 9" in height with a 10 1/2" diameter. Beautiful red and black plaid with white lettering From D.S Perrin Co. Ltd. London, Canada. Tin was made by the MacDonald MFG. Co. Limited Toronto. Tin is in great condition with minor nicks and scratches. Has a paper label that reads (Royal Mixed) Beautiful tin.

sold     (KUH)

Standard Hand Separator Oil Very Early Soldered Tin.

STANDARD HAND SEPARATOR OIL VERY EARLY SOLDERED TIN FROM THE IMPERIAL OIL COMPANY LIMITED. Circa 1910. Made in Canada. Tin measures 5 1/2" in height X 4" in width X 4" in depth. Tin was made by MacDonald Mfg. Co. Limited Toronto. Very early Imperial Oil Company logo. Pictures a very early cream separator. Possibly had a spout on the tin cap. A bit rough but extremely hard to find tin.

sold   (KEHX)

York Peanut Butter Paper Label Tins

YORK PEANUT BUTTER 3 1/4 LB.NET PAPER LABEL TINS. Measures 5" in height  with a 5" diameter. Pry lids. Paper labels read "YORK PEANUT BUTTER WITH HYDROGENATED PEANUT OIL Canada Packers Limited Toronto Canada" We have 2 of these tins. Paper labels on both are in excellent condition.

PRICE:$48.00 each        (KE)

Picobac Pocket Tobacco Tin

PICOBAC VERY MILD 10 CENT POCKET TOBACCO TIN. Measures 4" in height X 3" in width with a 7/8" depth. Minor crease on front and light overall wear. Match strike on bottom.

PRICE:$40.00    (KEX)

Picobac Tobacco Flat Pocket Tin

PICOBAC SLICED PLUG 15 CENT FLAT POCKET TIN. Has match striker on bottom. Near mint condition. Measures 3" in length X 2 1/4" in width with a 5/8" depth. Manufactured by The Imperial Tobacco Company of Canada Limited. As close to mint as you can get.

PRICE:$35.00      (KAN)

Repeater Fine Cut Mild Smoking Tobacco Tin

REPEATER FINE CUT MILD SMOKING TOBACCO TIN. Measures 3 3/4" in length X 2 3/4" in width with a 1 3/8" depth. From Imperial Tobacco Company of Canada Limited Montreal Canada. Nice image of a Mountie on horseback. This circa 1915 tin has some minor dents and is lightly faded on back. Decent overall condition.

PRICE:$48.00  (KUE)

Hollands Toffee Tin

HOLLANDS TOFFEE TIN. Made in England by Arthur Holland. The 8 sided tin is lithographed with the Flying Scotsman Train on the lid. Circa 1950's. Measures 5 3/4" in length X 3 3/4" in width X 1 1/4" in depth. Great overall condition with just very, very minor wear.

PRICE:$48.00 (KAN)

Sur-Flame Lighter Fluid Tin

SUR-FLAME LIGHTER FLUID TIN. Circa 1930's. Measures 4" in length X 3 7/8\' in width X 1 1/2" in thickness. Made in Canada by The Artic Sur-Flow Co. Tin is in excellent condition overall with just minor wear. Beautiful colors and nice graphics of an early lighter.

Sold (KEN)

Sobley's Tally-Ho Tea & Coffee Company Tin

SOBLE'S TALLY-HO TEA & COFFEE COMPANY 3 POUND TIN. Tin made by M.M. Co. (MacDonald Manufacturing Co. Toronto) Measures 9" in heigth X 7" in width X 4 3/4" in depth. There is a strip of red tape above the word SOBLE'S on one side that reads "BROWN SUGAR" Obviously not original. A few scratches & light dents but nothing serious. Very strong bright colors.

$149.00 ((KCE)

E.J. Cahill Delicious Teas Tin

E.J. CAHILL DELICIOUS TEAS TIN. ST. GEORGE QUE. Circa 1890. Tin was made by The Thos. Davidson Mfg. Co. Limited Montreal Tin Boxes. Measures 9" in height X 7" in width X 4 1/2" in depth. There is a hole drilled on front of the tin in the center top. Gold,blue & black colors are in very decent condition. Minor scratches. Nice early tea tin.

PRICE:$149.00 (KENX)

Assaisonnement a Saucisse Sausage Seasoning Tin

ASSAISONNEMENT a SAUCISSE. (Sausage seasoning tin). Vendu par Produits Laval Limitee 1001-1011 Rue Craig Est Montreal. Stencilled tin is in excellent condition. Circa 1900. Measures 11 1/2" in height X 11" in length and depth. 100% original.

PRICE$95.00 (KBN)


DALE-TON TEAS TIN. From DALE-TON Tea & Coffee Co. 9 Front St. E. Toronto. Circa 1900. Tin made by MacDonald Mfg. Co. Limited, Toronto. Measures 8 3/4" in height X 7" in width X 4 1/2" in depth. Tin is in great condition with very minor nicks and scratches.

PRICE$65.00    (KBN)

Silco Sausage Seasoning Tin

SILCO SAUSAGE SEASONING LARGE STENCILED TIN.From Casings Ltd. Montreal, Que. Circa 1900. Measures 11 1/2" in height X 11" in width and depth. There are tiny nail holes in lid and there is rust and small holes in bottom. Tin displays very well.

PRICE:$95.00 (KBN)

J.S. Fry & Sons Lithographed Figural Tin Bank

J.S FRY & SONS (CANADA) LTD. MONTREAL COCOA & CHOCOLATE MANUFACTURERS LITHOGRAPHED FIGURAL TIN. Circa 1900. Measures 4 1/4" in height X 4" in width X 3" in depth. Highly lithographed tin was sold with chocolate inside and meant to be kept and used as a savings bank thereafter. Tin shows a finely detailed bank. Slot in top for coins. Keyhole on front. Lock mechanism and key missing. Bank in beautiful overall condition.

PRICE:$150.00 (KYNX)

Lily of the Valley Talcum Powder Container

LILY OF THE VALLEY TALCUM POWDER. 1 Lb tin & cardboard container. Circa 1940's. Mint condition. Never opened. Measures 6" in height with a 3" diameter. From Rolls & Darlington Ltd. Toronto, ON. Tin top & bottom with card wrap around sides.

PRICE:$38.00 (KAE)

Violet Talcum Powder Container

VIOLET TALCUM POWDER. 1Lb. tin & cardboard container. Circa 1940's. Mint condition. Never opened. Measures 6" in height with a 3" diameter. From Rolls & Darlington Ltd. Toronto, ON. Tin top & bottom with card wrap around sides.

PRICE:$38.00 (KAE)

Thos. Davidson Mfg. Ltd.Montreal Dry Goods Tin

LITHOGRAPHED DRY GOODS TIN. THOS. DAVIDSON MFG. LIMITED MONTREAL. Tin is unmarked as to product or merchant but almost certainly held tea, coffee or some other dry goods. Measures 8 1/2" in height X 8" in width with a 7" depth. Beautiful litho images art nouveau lady's image, birds, flowers, cranes and geometric designs. Colors are wonderful , pink, blue, red,green and more accentuated with gold litho everywhere. Super condition. Displays great.

PRICE:$225.00 (KAENX)

Horner Candies Santa Claus Tin

HORNER CANDIES SANTA CLAUS TIN.C. 1950's. Wonderful image of Santa with a bag full of toys. Measures 5 1/4" in length X 4" in width. Light surface scratches. Strong bright colors.

Sold (KUN)

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